Facebook Safety Check function, exposing Hong Kong netizens stupid performance

August 24, 2017

A typhoon signal No 10 – the highest in Hong Kong’s storm warning system – was issued on Wednesday morning, before being downgraded first to No 8, then No 3 as Typhoon Hato wreaked havoc on the city. As the storm approached overnight, businesses, public services, airlines and public transport all braced for what could be one of the worst storms in recent years.

Beside Hato causes the arilines and transport service, it also cause heavy flooding in Hong Kong and Macau. For people requesting/offering help, Facebook launch the Safety Check function in Hong Kong. However, it just shows how Hong Kong netizens stupid are.

In the Facebok Safety Check, many people just update the ignorance message and requesting help, suck as want a cup of water just because he doesn’t want to wake up. These abused people totally disregard the needs of others. They are just too simple, too naive.

Today, the power and water supply in Macau is still shutdown. We just hope Hong Kong netizens can know the severity and stop making fun with Safety Check Function, it’s just not funny.



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